Bad news for England. David Beckham, England’s most famous soccer player, won’t be playing for his country in this year’s World Cup.

The reason is injury. On Sunday March 14 2010, while playing for AC Milan against Chievo Verona, he tore his Achilles tendon. The recovery process will take months, and the injury won’t have healed in time for the World Cup Finals in South Africa, which take place in June and July.

David Beckham was born on May 2 1975, which makes him a Taurus. This sign is very physical, and usually has a good awareness of its body. So it’s probably a good sign for a footballer to have – especially as Taureans are very focused and when they set themselves a goal, they quite literally go for it.

Taureans can also be very attractive, and it’s perhaps not surprising that David Beckham has become a sex symbol, famous for his style and physique as well as his football.

However it’s not just because of the Sun in Taurus that David Beckham is such an accomplished footballer. I’m afraid astrology is a bit more complicated than that! In my opinion, it’s down to the strength of his Mars.

Mars is a dynamic, competitive energy, that’s often connected with sport. David ufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ Beckham’s Mars is powerfully placed in the sign Pisces, in mutual reception to Jupiter in Aries. By the way, what I mean by mutual reception is that Mars and Jupiter are in signs that each other rule – Mars is the ruler of Aries, Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces.

Furthermore, his Mars makes a favourable, 120-degree aspect to Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility. This aspect helped give him the motivation to work hard on his natural talents, so as to give him the edge over the competition.

As to David Beckham’s injury, it looks as if Mars let him down. And I think if I had been advising him, I would have suggested that in early and mid March he be very, very careful, and that he take a break from football.

To be specific, on March 10, a few days before the injury, Mars came to a standstill at zero degrees eighteen minutes Leo. This position was exactly 135 degrees, or three-eighths of a circle, from David Beckham’s own Mars, at fifteen degree and thirty-two minutes Pisces. It was also very close to making an 180-degree opposition aspect to his Moon, a celestial body that at the time of his birth was in the last degree of Capricorn.