If you have missed out on seeing the Baltimore Ravens in action, their fans can tell you it was a lost opportunity to see the birth of a championship team. In just 12 years, this team has become one of the sparkling diamonds in the sports world. Throughout the seasons, the team has weathered the ups and downs with class and style. Fans have shown their appreciation and admiration by being in the stands regardless of the weather. Baltimore Ravens tickets are hard to come by and once someone has them, you aren’t likely to talk them into a trade. Fan loyalty this sincere is only seen when a football team lives up to the hype and pre-season press; this is where the Ravens excel.

Browns and Colts Bow Out…Ravens Move In

It was in 1984 that the Colts football team moved to Indianapolis and with theufabet เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า Browns remaining in Ohio, the NFL approved the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. The first of the Ravens head coaches was Marchiboda who had previously coached the Colts when they were in Baltimore. The name for the MD franchise was officially approved after a telephone poll indicated that the fans approved. Soon the search was to find those new Baltimore Ravens tickets and the fan expectations were high. In just 2 weeks there were over 50,000 season tickets purchased by fans that embraced their new team.

This young football franchise opened their 1996 season on the 1st of September and there were over 64,000 fans in attendance, the largest crowd ever witnessed at a Baltimore pro sports event. During 1996 and 1997, the demand for Baltimore Ravens tickets was so high that all of their home games were completely sold out. A new stadium was built for this team that had won the hearts of people throughout the state and in 1998; the Ravens beat the Colts on their first return visit to their old stomping grounds.