Best Indoor Parks in Singapore – Family Bonding Time!

Vacation with the whole family seems the perfect getaway from home and work. This is the time to relax, see the attractions in the place, go shopping, unwind in a beach or park and let the kids play to their hearts’ content.

Bringing the children out may be a bit problem especially on hot days. Parents need not worry when they are in Singapore as there are indoor parks or playgrounds designed for your kids’ enjoyment. Here are some of the best indoor parks and where to find them.

1. Playful Elves – When you’re in West Coast Plaza, Playful Elves is the best place to go to and let your kids have fun in this indoor playground. It has a Magical Forest theme with driving tracks, bouncy castle and a spacious two-storey place so your kids can run around freely. There is also an obstacle course for them to crawl and learn to finish. Younger children enjoy the table toys and driving the mini cars while the older ones go over the obstacle run. The play area is conceptualized well with the children’s safety in mind and to keep up with the kids’ various energy levels. Parents or guardians can have a peace of mind leaving their kids in this place.

2. Space Zone Play Gym – Located in Anchorpoint, Alexandra so look out for indoor park this when you are in the area and you have small kids in tow. Since this is a small area, your small kids will tremendously enjoy the space-like theme ball pit. It also has a mini obstacle course complete with soft punching bags and a slide at the end. So for you to maximize your day shopping, you can park your children at the Space Zone Play Gym and pick them up once you are done. The kids would surely have a grand time shooting balls on the space holes plus, develop coordination of their hands and eyes.

3. Hokey Pokey – Another play area for children below 6 years  abc kids old, this is a haven for them as it is filled with toys for both boys and girls. Hokey Pokey is a big playing area similar to the size of almost two basketball courts, so imagine a big space that can fit many kids. It is equipped with a big ball pit, a safe slide, an open floor area concept to clearly view the children while at play and a café within the area for parents to relax while waiting for their kids. Toys are graded GB which is great for babies and toys are plenty from doll houses to cars. They also have costumes, cooking stations for girls, trains, castle sets from leading toy makers Imaginarium and Fisher Price. Neatly located in Millenia Walk, your kids will adore this place.

4. Amazonia – A jungle-themed playground for children of all ages, this has the right and fun activities to keep them pumped up and raring to play. Toddlers have a dedicated area so their space is just right for your little tykes. While the older kids can enjoy interactive games like Glow-in-the Dark Spaceball equipped with safe air guns with foamy balls and try to shoot the targets above the opponents’ boards. Another quality game is their 3D Glow Golf with 9-hole course so they can learn early how to play this wonderful sport. This is right in the Central area and with entrance fees with no peak and of-peak prices for different ages. Additional fee also applies for Space Balls and Golf games.